Pre-seventeenth century

Our aim is to create a natural oasis within your daily routine,
a haven of tranquillity for your peace of mind. Our greatest reward is
for Casa Espunyes to become, even for just a short while, your own home.

Casa Espunyes comprises two accommodations, each for four people, located in an old restored barn. On the ground floor of each accommodation is the kitchen, the living-dining room with fireplace and the bathroom. There are two bedrooms on the first floor.

The house is a pre-seventeenth century building located in Cambrils d'Odèn, in the north of the region of Solsonès. Located just below the source of the river of Racó and next to a large waterfall, Casa Espunyes is set in completely rural surroundings, away from the noise of progress and everyday problems.

Casa Espunyes interiors have a rustic air in a balanced combination of elements both past and present; while the exterior overlooks a garden with swimming pool, barbecue and spectacular views. It is surrounded by forests, streams, pastures, the farm’s own cows and a unique feature of heritage: the chapel of Santa Barbara, with more than four centuries of history.

From Casa Espunyes it is, therefore, very easy to discover all the natural and cultural heritage of the Alt Solsonès, as well as an unparalleled intangible heritage: the legacy of dozens of farming generations, who, for over a thousand years, have filled this mountainous area with farmhouses.